Lovers Walk was the first production from high hearted theatre.

An outdoor promenade performance tracing the history of a couple’s relationship through the places they spent time together, it was originally created for the Brighton Fringe Festival 2010. After success at the festival Lovers Walk was co-produced with Southwark Playhouse.

Praise for Lovers Walk:


**** A Younger Theatre

**** The Stage

Combines a layered knowingness with a sweet, unaffected directness...plays cleverly at the interface between real history and fiction, and between the solidity of buildings and the fleeting nature of love

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Highly sensitive to and engaged with its surroundings, Lovers Walk is a rare gem. With carefully integrated audience participation, adept transitions between different functional roles and a gently poetic script, it will melt even the hardest of hearts


A piece of wonderful storytelling British Theatre Guide Lovers Walk places a familiar story onto a familiar location and makes everything feel brand new. It's heartwarmingly simple and complex; it takes us to a new space both in and out of ourselves. It moves us.

Tim Crouch

Cast: Matt Odell, Rosie Waters.

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